The essence of a lady should NEVER

be taken for granted!


Meaning:  The quality and nature that she carries which identifies her womanhood. The lady of essence “IS” the most important ingredient; the crucial element that serve to characterize her uniqueness, individuality and distinctiveness as a female molded by God.

From the Founder



Greetings my sisters,


As the Founder of the Women of Distinction, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website!


I am honored that God has allowed me the fortitude to be in the presence of such strong, intelligent, brilliant, resourceful, gifted Christian Women from ALL walks of life. While time is of the essence, I decided to share my thoughts below to take back with you on which to reminiscence and reflect.


Choice is accepting life as it is or making today better than yesterday.


Power is given by no human. The power we hold today is within, given to us ONLY by our God.


Happiness is defined by many as having good luck, fortune, temporary satisfaction.  The REAL definition: Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, pleasure, or joy.


Willingness is the desire to give and share unselfishly your time and talents with family, friends and in the community.


We, as women realize that sisterhood is our most powerful tool in any community.  History shows that a sisterhood of women no matter what the color of our skin has always provided a powerful tool for change.


Working together and empowering our resources we can relate to the fact that when pulling together we are untouchable. As a result  Women’s Lib was formed. It brought us to where we are today while multi-tasking; being Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Grandparents, Foster-parents in addition to holding positions in the workforce as executives, managers, supervisors, etc. I believe in preparation  for the next generation, organizations such as WOD will instill insightfulness and wisdom in areas of politics, finance, legal, radio and television, doctors, educators and a hosts of other professions.


Our ultimate mission is to promote positive community social change by reaching out to women, men and children alike in Georgia and other States, while walking with poise and holding our head high by being that Virtuous Woman.


With love & respect.


Your Sister,



Alfreda Stukes




Women of Distinction

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